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russian cannibals - "Vomit, Razor Blades, and Rose Petals" [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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russian cannibals [May. 2nd, 2006|02:21 am]
True Vampires: Blood-Sucking Killers Past and Present/(Sondra London) Pages 70 - 72

In 1996, there were ten people charged with killing and eating other people in the Soviet Union.

In March, 1996, the police were called in to investigate in Sebastopol, after having entered the home of a a 33-year-old former convict, and finding the internal organs of two of his victims lying in a saucepan. Nearby on a plate, they also found a freshly roasted piece of human flesh. The owner of the apartment had been stabbed to death, along with her mother and boyfriend, and their bodies had been neatly butchered by the killer.

In the winter of 1996, 38-year-old Vladimir Nikolayev, who ten years before had been denounced as a particularly dangerous criminal, was arrested in his apartment at the town of Novocheboksary, in Russia's Chuvash Autonomous Rebublic, where the police found a pan of roasted human meat on the stove and another cannibal dish in the oven. He had stored more body parts outside, which he packed into the snow on his balcony. The investigators who questioned Nikolayev said that he had asked them to prepare a dinner for him, using the human meat that he had stocked. Just a little joke they said.

Also in 1996, in the Siberian town of Kemerovo, some rag-pickers scavenging through a garbage dump discovered a severed human head. The grisly find led police to arrest a man who the confessed to killing and cutting up his friend, and then using the flesh to make a filling for a Russian ravioli called 'pelmeni', which, coincidentally, is the putative vampire Boris Yeltsin's favorite dish. After discarding the useless parts like the head, the killer had minced up the human being, baked him, and sold him at cut-rate prices in the local market.

In Russia's second-largest city, St. Petersburg, big-city cannibal IIshat Kusikov was found to have preferred his meat marinated with onions. Upon his arrest in 1996, there were several choice cuts marinating in a plastic bag hung outside his window. Police also found Pepsi bottles full of human blood and dried human ears tacked on the wall. The hospitable 37-year-old cannibal also offered the arresting officers some fresh marinated meat and vodka, if they would let him go. On March, 1997, he was found to be guilty of killing three of his vodka-drinking buddies and eating them. After sating his appetite on the tastiest and most "nutritional" of the internal organs, Kusikov then dismembered his friends and tossed their cumbersome limbs into a garbage dump. He also readily confessed to his crimes, and told the police that he had killed his very first victim in 1992, after having invited a stranger to his flat for a nightcap. The rationale he gave for his behavior was strictly pragmatic: he couldn't buy enough to eat on his $20.00 monthly pension.

Russian specialists have said that "people meat" has a distinctive taste. "The taste of the victim," says the Main Criminal Investigations Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, "depends on the victim himself: if he drank or smoked alot, whether he liked sweets or salt. All of it helps to determine the flavor of the meat." Police estimate that at least 30 Russians were eaten in 1996, but charges could not always be brought because of lack of evidence. Thus the only ones who were prosecuted were the ones where there were grisly remains.

In July of 1998, a serial rapist in St. Petersburg crossed the bloody line for the tenth and final time. Sergei Shipin invited a 19-year-old woman over to his house, where he bound, brutalized, and raped her, finally beating her to death when she tried to escape. After dismembering her corpse in the bathtub, he then proceeded to make soup from her remains. In November of 1999, investigators announced that after several months of interrogation at a Moscow medical facility, the 24-year-old former security guard confessed to a dozen rapes and ten murders, as well as to having dined on more than one of the corpses of his victims.

Less than a week later, a gang of Russian cannibals were sentenced in the western Russian town of Pskov. After having killed one of their own friends in a drunken brawl, they then butchered and boiled him and sold his flesh as stewed meat. The Pskov City Court gave the four killers sentences ranging from five-and-a-half years to 18 years. One particular woman who had purchased the meat to do a bit of canning with was released due to a lack of evidence in knowing that the meat was from a man that she considered to be a friend.

On March 5 of 1999, in Bishkek, the capital city of the Russian nation of Kyrgyzstan, Paval Gorobets was formally sentenced to die for having murdered his tenant, Vikto Grekhovodov, in December of 1977, as well as his girlfriend, Valentina Kashina - in March of 1998. He confessed to having dismembered their bodies as well as to eating "meat cutlets" from their flesh, and then to scattering their less appetizing remains all around the neighborhood. "The ruling has been pronounced -- the death sentence," Judge Marat Osmonkulov told Reuters. "The case of cannibalism had been proven." While the act of cannibalism itself is not a crime in Kyrgyzstan, Gorobets was officially sentenced for the double murders, for the cutting up of the bodies, and for using the organs and flesh from the corpses. Even without the proof of cannibalism, the two murders would still carry the death sentence, explained the judge. Kyrgyzstan had a moratorium on the death penalty, but if the moratorium were not extended, Gorobets would be put to death. Although he admitted to having made the cutlet(s) from the flesh of his friend and tenant, in a final statement before sentencing, Gorobets pulled his punches and claimed that he had never actually eaten any of the cutlets himself. According to the statement he made, he had instead just fed the meat to his friends.

In Kiev, three men were convicted for an occult murder on August 3, 1999. Dmitry Dyomin was sentenced to death, and his accomplices, Valentin Chelyshev and Alexi Andreyev were sentenced to the differing prison terms of 13 and 8 years, respectively. Dyomin admitted to being a part of a satanic cult under whose auspices he enjoined the others into slaying a 15-year-old girl, which after having ceremonially excised her tongue, they boiled and ate. Dyomin also severed the girl's head with a kitchen knife, cleaned, and lacquered the skull, and kept it with him in his bedrooom as a memento. Besides the skull of his victim, inverted crucifixes and books on Satanism were found during a search of his house.

In April of 2001, the police in the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan announced that a vampire-style murderer had been discovered. Toyr Khamidov killed two men, cut their bodies into pieces, poured the blood into a glass, and drank it. Police believe that the 22-year-old man posed as a harmless shepherd before killing the men and vampirizing their remains.

On June 8, 2001 'Pravda' reported that a killer stayed in his victim's apartment for a week after having committed the murder, and dined upon rotting flesh. The generosity of the host had been returned by the grossest of indignities. The victim had offered to let the stranger stay in his apartment after having found out that he was homeless. In an argument over vodka and money, the host's head was beaten in and crushed with a metal rod, and then since the killer had no cash and no place to live, he decided to just stay in the flat and eat the original resident.

On July 17, 2002, the Ukrainian police arrested a gang of three men and a woman, and accused them of murder. They had lured their victim into a forest about 100 miles south of Kiev, near Zhytomyr, on June 26, with the intention of stealing her keys and using them to rob her house, said Serhiy Nesterchuk, chief of the Zhytomyr police. When she could not produce her keys, the gang stabbed her to death, dismembered her body, and then dished her up for supper. They even fed some stewed remains to a four-year-old child, according to Interfax. Police were summoned to the home of the victim's elderly parents when the brazen ghouls showed up in person, and demanded a $3,000 dollar ransom for the safe return of their daughter, whom they had already killed and disposed of. They were promptly taken into custody, and the later investigation was also to reveal that they had been involved in another five murders as well as two dozen other robberies and assaults.